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Age of each child
Type of Academic Institute *
Location of Studies *
Did you take post-secondary studies in Canada? *
Have you done any paid work during the last 10 years? *
Type of Job *
Work hours *
Location *
Do you or your spouse have a relative who lives in Canada? *
Is this relative over 18? *
Do you have a written job offer from a Canadian employer? *
Work hours *
Is this Job Offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)? *
Is the job being offered exempt from a LMIA by an international trade agreement (e.g. NAFTA) or a federal-provincial agreement? *
Location of Studies *
Has your partner ever done any paid work in Canada? *
How long has your partner done paid work in Canada? *
Partner's work hours *
Was their permit valid (not expired) while doing work in Canada?
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