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Our Mission


VisaVieCanada was founded to be your helping hand when it comes to Canadian immigration questions and concerns. If you are looking forward to come to Canada either temporarily or permanently or if you are having issues regarding your application and/or documentation, we are here to clarify your doubts and to make sure that your application goes as smoothly as possible.


Canada is your destination and we are here to make your plans a reality, we are a group of immigration specialists ready to serve you in your own language and making sure that all your interactions with the Canadian authorities are up-to-date and professional. Our commitment to you is to assess your personal goals and help you achieve them using our professional abilities and our promise of high quality to present you with the best pathway for you.


We understand that coming to a new country involves making a lot of difficult decisions and facing hard changes and we are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you need help with your documentation, for passing your language exams or for your arrival we will provide you with the necessary tools and information so that nothing will take you by surprise.


Before you get to Canada we will help you understand where you are going and how things work here so that you will be able to settle easily and enjoy the good things Canada offers without having to worry about the difficulty of understanding how your new home works. We will provide you with relevant information regarding housing, the job market, education and many other things that you will need to know before and after you arrive.


VisaVieCanada is the company you need to make sure that your journey to Canada, whether temporary or permanent is a memorable one. Let us worry about those complicated details that could make this a hectic experience while you just relax and enjoy whatever it is that you love doing.

Kathy Pellerin RCIC



Founder and CEO of VisaVieCanada, Kathy is a regulated Canadian and Quebec immigration consultant. She has more than 10 years of experience working for immigrants. Her method is to listen, set goals and design a strategy that is tailored to her clients’ profile and the government’s immigration programs available to them. In addition to being a dedicated professional, she is a committed citizen and is currently involved with different organisations. For six years, she worked with non-profit organizations dedicated to the integration and settlement of immigrants in London, Ontario.


Member of the following organizations:



Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R514712)

Certified Quebec Immigration Consultant (11662)

Immigration Consultant and Foreign Worker Recruiter (000414)

Commissioner of Oaths for Quebec and Outside Quebec


Languages: English, French, and Spanish

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